Monday, February 1, 2010

6 Ways to Burn More Calories

Burn More Calories
Get the Most Out of Your Workouts
If you are already exercising on a regular basis, give yourself a hand. Now let’s take it up a notch because we are not just looking to be good, we are looking to be great!
1.  Be Johnny on the Spot: Get to the gym first thing time in the morning. Research indicates those who lace up first thing in the morning do so regularly 75 percent of the time as compared to those who schedule their exercise time in the afternoon. “At the beginning of the day, you have the fewest excuses for skipping exercise.” explains Arthur Mollen, DO, founder of the Mollen Clinic.
2. Mix it up. Changing your workouts on a regular basis forces the muscles to work harder because they are engaging in unfamiliar activities. This also helps to keep the mind alert when workouts are new, exciting and different. So jump into that Country Two Step on Friday evenings, or play with the intensity levels during those step classes by jumping as high as possible or double timing the speed of movements for short intense intervals.
3.  Firm then Burn: Try a little Iron Pumping before you’re full on cardio interval. A recent study conducted at the University of Tokyo showed that participants engaged more fat cells when they biked within 20 minutes of weight lifting, having no rest in between.
4. Beat the Midday Slump: Take a quick 20 minute stroll during your lunch time. Many people think exercising wears you down and makes you feel tired however just the opposite occurs. Patrick O’Connor, PhD, a professor of kinesiology explains, “…brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin are altered and cause improved energy.” Better yet, you just burned an additional 75 calories.
5. Pack Your Bags: A recent Fitness poll found that sneakers, followed by a close second to the sports bra were work out items forgotten and circumvented workouts. Plan ahead, pack your gym bag the night before and place it strategically-next to your car keys, or in front of the door.
6. STRETCH: Consistent stretching significantly reduces muscle soreness. In addition to stretching after each workout to elongate each muscle group, add yoga at least once a week to achieve the long, lean and efficient muscles.