Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stay Slim: Stick with It!

Stay Slim: Stick with It!
The new science on how to approach your 
fitness goals and make changes that last.
This is it. You are about to dive head first into a vigorous exercise regime, to eat less and exercise more and to make lifestyle changes that will help make you happier and healthier than ever before. On your mark, get set, STOP! You have been at this point so many times before in your life. This time we are going to make it different because we have a new plan. Changing for Good, coauthor James Prochaska, PhD has identified 5 key stages of change. First you must admit to exhibit behaviors that are in need of change: second, you intend to do so. Third, arrange the details of the master plan which engages step 4, putting details into action and 5, blending your new lifestyle changes into your life style.
Step 1
You realize there is a need to exercise and eat a balanced diet and to make some life style changes.
  • Tune in to your excuses. Your friend invites you to try a great yoga class at Results Health and Fitness. Do you decline? Make an excuse of having back pain? Step one is facing your excuses.
  • Tally the Benefits of Change When you lose weight you lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and decrease the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Everything about feeling good is good.
  • Ask for Help Create a support group with friends and family, hire a professional personal trainer or dietician. Make sure they all understand your clear and concise goal and are willing point of excuses and tactics you typically used to delay staying on track.
Step 2
You know modification of your behavior is a must and are not sure how. You still have a fear of failing.

How to Move To Step Three?
  • Educate Yourself Read about health and fitness. Learn about different types of  exercise and how each benefit the body and mind in different ways.
  • Work through Ambivalence When you fall back on your excuses, ask yourself if this true. Do I really not have enough time to workout? Do I really need to watch The Bachelor this week? Connect with your interests in changing with something of value – for instance, dropping 40 pounds will give me more energy to play with my children.
  • Do Test Runs Want to participate in a walking program…..someday? Try a test run. Take a short walk and experience the feelings. Prochaska explains, “By taking those small steps, you’ll be motivated to launch your plan.”
  • Preparation You are ready to make the commitment of time and hard work to get fit.
  • Mark room for your goal. You may need to maneuver your schedule and delegate tasks. Pencil in your workouts and class times just like you would meetings and work schedule.
  • Map out a plan. Should I hire a trainer or join a gym? Do I need to stock up on certain foods? Should I join a diet group? Dr. Prochaska says, “If you can’t write out a plan and explain it to a 10 year old, you are not ready.”  Anticipate certain obstacles. For example if a work project takes you out of town, stay in a hotel with a gym. If you know you will be working late, plan to exercise in the morning.
  • Take you plan public. Set a start date and let your family and close friends know your intentions. “Once you say it out loud, it becomes a commitment that other people know about, which creates pressure on you to follow through,” Prochaska says.
  • Now that you have made a well thought out plan, and designed the steps for your successful results….GO!