Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Calcium Rich Foods

Foods High in Calcium - Not DairyCalcium intake should be 1,500 mg /day – 800 – 1000 from supplements and 500 – 700 from diet.

Here are 15 foods high in calcium not calories. Eating a variety of foods rich in dark leafy greens, fruit, nuts, and seeds will give you plenty of calcium.

One ounce of almonds (23 nuts) has 75 mg calcium.
Blackstrap Molasses
One tablespoon has about 137 mg calcium.
Brazil Nuts
Two ounces of Brazil nuts (12 nuts) have 90 mg calcium.
Two cups of boiled broccoli have 124 mg calcium.
Collard Greens
A cup of boiled collard greens has 266 mg calcium.
Two cups of raw celery have 81 mg calcium.
Flax Seeds
Two tablespoons of flax seeds have 52 mg calcium.
One cup of boiled kale has 94 mg calcium.
One cup of raw kelp has 136 mg calcium.
One medium orange has 52 mg calcium.
One medium papaya has 73 mg calcium.
Sesame Seeds
A quarter cup of sesame seeds has 351 mg calcium.
A cup of boiled spinach has 245 mg calcium.
Swiss Chard
One cup of boiled chard has 102 mg calcium.
Two tablespoons of raw tahini (sesame seed paste) have 126 mg calcium.
Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Professional